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204 AC Internships in 2023


Reminder: In order to apply you need an account on the Exchange Platform!

The Annual Conference has come to an end and that means that we now know how many internships IAESTE is offering this year. The DAAD managed to exchange 204 internships in total from which we, as IAESTE Berlin, can choose 17 to give to you students! We will be choosing the internships on 08.02.2023 and now we need your opinions! Which internships are you interested in? Please read through the Excel List of all internships provided below and put your favourites into the following form until Tuesday, 07.02.2023 at 23:59!

First Priority Form:
On Fr, 10.02.2023, we will send you a list of the 17 internships we chose based on your priorities and give you a second priority form to find out who will get which internship. You are not allowed to contact the employer before you get accepted for an internship. Please check your inbox frequently if you want to secure an internship for yourself. If you don’t know about the application process yet, check out our check our presentation slides or

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