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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who can apply for an internship?

    All students enrolled at RWTH Aachen or FH Aachen can apply for an internship at IAESTE LC Aachen. We provide mostly internships for students with technical or natural scientific fields of studies. But also students with other fields of studies are welcome to apply. However, we can not guarantee to find a suitable internship for everybody. Students enrolled at other universities please contact their responsible local comitee.

  • Which requirements do I have to meet for an IAESTE internship?

    Applicants are expected to have finished either their pre-diploma or the third semester of a Bachelor-/Master program. Furthermore, the specific requirements for the internship should be fulfilled.

  • How can I get an internship through IAESTE?

    Every student who submits a pre-application until the 30th of November will be considered for the distribution of internships in the following year. At LC Aachen, pre-applications can only be handed in online. The launch of the application procedure will be announced on our Homepage and through our newsletter. Please note, that IAESTE only provides internship offers. The decision about the applicantís acceptance is always up to the employers.

  • Do I get money for my work during the internship?

    All IAESTE internships are salaried. The salaries conform to the standards of the companies and should at least cover the basic living expenses. In comparison: IAESTE trainees working in Germany currently earn at least 650 Euro per month.

  • What do I have to pay for the IAESTE service?

    Simple answer: Nothing! There are no duties associated with our service. In Germany this is possible due to the integration of the IAESTE program to the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).
    You just have to pay a security deposit of 100 Euro when you accept a job offer. The deposit will be refunded after you finished your internship or if your employer rejected your application.

  • I did not submit a pre-application, can I still get an internship offer?

    We frequently publish free job offers on short call through our newsletter. Additionally you can come to our office during the office hours to have look at our database with available job offers on short call. These offers will be distributed directly besides the standard application procedure without pre-applications.

  • Why is the company name missing on the job offer?

    To protect the company we donít publish some details (e.g. name, address) about the company to prevent an untimely contacting. This is important to avoid any additional work for your future employers. After you finally accept the job offer and give the security deposit to us, we will give you all information that you need to complete your application.

  • Why do I have to give you a security deposit of 100 Euro?

    To be sure that the applicant is definitely interested in applying and completing the offered internship we take a security deposit of 100 Euro. This is important to ensure that the internship will be occupied since there is usually just one applicant for each job offer. The deposit will be refunded after you finished your internship or if your employer rejected your application.

  • Can I join the LC Aachen?

    Of course! We are happy about every interested student who wants to join our activities. Besides the distribution of internship offers to students we have several other tasks. While working fun is always our first priority. And you can do everything easily besides your studies! More information about our activities can be found here and in our information for Newcomers. If you are interested you are welcome to join our weekly meetings on Wednesdays or to come to our office during the office hours!

  • Answers to further questions you can find in the FAQ on the IAESTE international web pages.

    Here is your way to the FAQ of IAESTE international.

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