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There are six teams in our Local Committee:



The Incoming Exchange Team is responsible for the raising and taking care of new companies in the Berlin region. We attend fairs, other events, pay visits to the companies and are a member of the most important networks. Besides that, we are the people, that give applicants from abroad the chance to do an internship in one of our partnering companies.



The Reception Team is responsible for the taking care of our interns. To give you a picture: we are the ones that reap the fruits of the LC’s labor. We arrange the accommodation of the interns, connect them with our Local Committee and are there in case there are any problems. Besides that we also organize multiple events and parties for and with our interns.



The Outgoing Exchange Team is responsible for the recruitment and support of all the students that would like to do an internship abroad. We help them finding the internship they’re looking for and support them with their applications and all the other issues concerning internships abroad. 



The Talent Management Team is the Human Resources Department of our Local Committee. We organize trainings, workshops and do personal development talks with our members. Besides we’re responsible for the member planning. By joining our team you will get the chance to learn a lot concerning employee management 



The Finance Team takes care of our Local Committee’s entire accounting and book-keeping.  No matter if you’ve ever visited an accounting lecture we offer you the possibility to gain practical experience concerning financial issues and to work on exciting projects as a responsible person.


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