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Beside our everyday work in the teams there are often big events planned by special project teams. These teams consist of members of the various teams of our Local Committee. Working on such a project is an opportunity for the members to make experiences beyond their daily work. Also the members get to know each other even better and experience the work with project management. The projects are diverse and contain things like a Reception-Weekend for foreign trainees, conferences or even things like the Case Study Competition.

Here is an overview over the various projects we have been working in the last time or are currently working on.

Case study competition

The case Study Competition is an event, in which 15 students try to solve a problem given to them by different companies from various working areas like engineering or consulting. These case studies give the students and the companies the opportunity to get to know each other. The whole event is laid out as a competition between 3 groups, which consist of 5 students each.

The next Case Study Competition will take place in Berlin on the 24th May 2013. This year’s location will be the "Bundespresseamt".

For further information, please check out the website of the Case Study Competition:


The"Kamingespräch" is a Get-Together between representatives from industrial or economical companies and chosen students, which already have a lot of experience. After a presentation which gives the companies the opportunity to introduce themselves to the students and give the students an overview on current projects, tasks or topics in the company, the representatives of the companies come together with the students in an informal atmosphere.

Here is an overview over the last Get-Together-Events:

· 31st January 2013 with the company Syncwork and the topic "Big Data"

· 20th November 2011 with the company Deloitte and the topic "Financial Crisis"


BerND is an abbreviation for "Berlin Newie Days" and is a conference especially for our new members. We are organizing this conference every year in November. Usually there are about 70 delegates from the region Berlin. During the conference the members get to know everything they need to know about AIESEC.


MICCC is a conference for all trainees that will go to a foreign country with us. During this weekend this trainees are prepared for a living in a foreign country. The last MICCC took place in January 2013. There were about 70 delegates from the entire region. Additional to that there were a lot of trainers and members which helped with the organization so there was a great total of over 100 people involved in the MICCC.


Ban.ane is the name of one of the Reception-Weekends that we are organizing in Berlin every year. On one weekend in August hundred trainees from all over Germany will come to Berlin to get to know the city.

There is a special website for this event:

Carnival of cultures

The Carnival of Cultures is another Reception-Weekend here in Berlin which always takes place in May when simultaneously the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin takes place. On this weekend hundred trainees from all the regions in Germany come to Berlin. As a highlight of the weekend there will be the great procession in which AIESEC & IAESTE will take part.




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