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Board of trustees

We thank the members of our Board of Trustees:
Siegfried Berger, Executive Consultant
Dodo Knyphausen-Aufseß, Professor and dean of the economics faculty at the TU Berlin
Prof. Oliver Günther, President of the University of Potsdam, former dean of the Economics Faculty of the Technical University of Berlin
Dieter Ernst, RWL Water, LLC
Dr. Marion Hass, CCI Managing Innovation and the Environment
Christian Kourik, Managing KulturPur
Dirk Siemann, Director, Department Head of CEE, CIS & Turkey
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Turner, Falling Walls Foundation gGmbH
Prof. Rudolf Steineke, Berlin Business Talks
Thomas Andersen, Berlin Business Talks
Nikolai Torvelainen, Senior Financial Consultant (CU)
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